December 31, 2016 
No, Donald Trump Wishing Happy New Year To His ‘Many Enemies’ Is In No Way the Same As Hillary Clinton’s ‘Basket Of Deplorables’
The quintessential liberal rag calling a Big man "small" because they don't agree with his politics.  No surprise coming from The Huffington Post which also displays a good deal of short man-hating along with man-hating in general.

December 30, 2016 
Hard realities don’t go away
Short woman in 1965 (now old): “I said I’d had it with short men. Short men tend to have issues,” she recalled.  Even in 1965 the prejudice against short men was strong.

December 30, 2016
Police: Man exposed self while returning plunger
Article doesn't state "Man accused of exposing self", or "Woman accuses man of making vulgar remarks", it just flat out indicts this guy. This is part of the War on Men waged by the media.  A poster picks up the slack by "accusing" the arrested man of having, "small man complex", not even knowing his height.

December 28, 2016 
Power Arrangements in Identity Systems
"If a tall, muscular man meets a short, skinny man on a trail in a desolate forest, the arrangement of power between the two is pretty clear: the bigger man has more ability to use force, so he can take things from the smaller man, do him in, or whatever he pleases." - Pretty good observation.  Too bad the article isn't about heightism.

December 23, 2016 

Trump's driver's license casts doubt on height claims

President-Elect Donald Trump lies about his height - apparently - according to  Six-fricken foot two and the guy claims to be 6'3".  Yet only short men seem to be called on the carpet for exaggerating their height.

December 23, 2016

Ice Skating Olympic Champion, Scott Hamilton Supports the Grand Opening of Jimmy Au’s Clothing Store in Sherman Oaks, California

An Olympic Champion awakens a little.

December 22, 2016

Exclusive: Sen. Corker’s Height, Business Dealings Hurt His Secretary Of State Chances

Business dealings nothing!  It was his height, pure and simple.

No date
Women Are Not Attracted To Short Men
Articles from Africa are very blunt in their degradation of  short men.  Does this tell us something? (They also don't seem to like to display dates)

December 16, 2016 
BBC replace Nicky Morgan with £1,000 handbag
Nicki Morgan drops out of an appearance on 'Have I Got News for You', but comment section morons go off on tangent debasing Ian Hislop and an alleged "small man syndrome" related to him.  Pretty soon everyone will be blaming short men for EVERYTHING. No surprise for the UK.

December 15, 2016
How discrimination against short men is perpetuated by women
Feminism seeks to emasculate men and short men are easy targets.

December 14, 2016

Fines Won’t Change Discrimination in Job Search

Many job application forms in South Korea require applicants to reveal their height.

December 8, 2016 
Does Height Really Matter in Rowing?
Rowing coaches discriminate against short rowers, just like everyone else discriminates against short people.

November 30, 2016
Bond dwarf Hervé Villechaize a 'diseased sex maniac with unnatural lusts' says Roger Moore

November 8, 2016 
Neil Buchanan: The Small-Minded, Thin-Skinned Weakness of Trump
Liberals throwing out the "small man" card very "liberally" now.

October 28, 2016

Inmate escaped custody, and people make fun of his height. Not one comment is there calling them out. I don't understand how this is acceptable.

He doesn't have to be an inmate in a prison for people to make fun of his height.  He could be God Almighty and it would be the same story.

October 24, 2016

Short men to spend day thinking about being short.

Oh!  We're sorry!  It's - thedailymail!!!  So sorry!  Excuse please!

October 19, 2016

Dwarf burglar is jailed after appeal to trace ‘unusually short man’

The UK is a literal hotbed of height bigotry - usually against White men.

October 18, 2016 

How The Discrimination Against Short Men Is Perpetuated By Women

Women are quite height-bigoted in favor of tall men.

October 10, 2016
Who’s in the right? Single woman on Tinder insists she's only attracted to tall men - but the short suitor she matches with does NOT take it well
According to the dailymail women can say anything they want about short men.  But when short men do it back it's defined as not taking it "well".

October 2, 2016 
Being tall is a privilege, a gift, a blessing!
Sharing Is Caring
Even the website admits Tallers are privileged.  Isn't it about time to relieve them of some of their unearned privileges?

October 7, 2016
Woman on Tinder says she doesn't like short men – man massively overreacts,
More man-bashing trash from trash UK sites.

September 27, 2016
Comment:  Big Sam has never looked as small as he does right now
More short-man bashing from the usual suspects in the UK.

September 26, 2016
Short Ghanaian Comedian Replies Amissah Arthur's 'Short People' Comment,
African comedian tired of heightism.

September 15, 2016
No excess of XS — body image and being a Small Man
Another short guy berating himself.

September 11, 2016 
Presidency not about height – Chief advises electorate,
"Nana Saforo Okoampah, the Chief of Akuapem-Apirede in the Okere Constituency of the Akuapem North Municipality, says choosing a leader is about competence and the ability to deliver and not about the heights of the candidates."

September 11, 2016 
Height-gain surgery leaves techie bedridden,
The doctor assured him "he would start walking within a month".

September 10, 2016
Fete: And the Short Shall Inherit the Earth,
"Some paleontologists believe that the reason mammals thrived after the meteor hit the earth — the big one that caused the dinosaurs’ extinction — is because they were small enough to be able to hide from the aftermath of the cataclysm. So there you are.  Just be patient."

Just be patient short people. In 65,000,000 years or so you might inherit the earth.

September 6, 2016 
Is white hair good for business?,
Women with gray or white hair now being claimed for victimhood status (as if men's hair - short and tall - never gets gray or white).  Discrimination against short men mentioned in passing. (As if they could change their height the way someone can color their hair.)

  • Introduction to website March 5 2017.mp37:36

August 31, 2016 
Why tall people are BETTER at sport: Height gives an advantage when guessing distances, say scientists,
I wonder if they're better gymnasts or jockeys or platform divers or fencers or skiiers?  This is just another trash article coming from London as usual. is one of the premier male-bashing websites in the World.  And of course, as some of us already know, SHORT males are among the easiest to bash.

August 30, 2016 
Revealed: How Tom Cruise Hides His Height In His Movies,
Tom Cruise DOES NOT hide his height in his movies.  The movie studio('s) that make the movies that he stars in, hide his height.

August 30, 2016
Why it's difficult being a short man,
Some Idiocy from Kenya

August 22, 2016
Tall people more likely to vote conservative, study finds
Tall people acting to protect their income advantage it appears.

August 19, 2016 
US apologises for swimmers' 'unacceptable behaviour',
Ryan Lockte is 6'2" and Jimmy Feigen is 6'5".  We wonder what the media would have said if they were 5'6" gymnasts?

August 18, 2016 
5 Examples of Defense Mechanisms in Social Prejudice and Discrimination
Check out number 4.

August 17, 2016

Man’s brilliant response to height discrimination on Tinder (3 Pictures)
Height-bigoted woman doesn't like the shoe on the other foot.

Jose Sanders, a man arrested at a convenience store in 2012 in Georgia attempting to buy beer while being short.  After displaying his ID, a rookie cop arrested him on a fabricated charge of 'disorderly conduct'.

Don't even think about it short men.

I'm showing the young man above, the right way to grovel..

Women will only date short men if all the others are murderers, child molesters or psychotics.

  • Broadcast of January 1 2018.mp319:24

Idiot short guy says:  Just own your height!


  • Introduction to SupportForTheShort week of April 2 2017.mp315:20

  • ‌Introduction to website February 19 2017 coach corey wayne.mp311:29

The ultimate dirtbag.  Write an equivalent song about any other group and face social ostracism, loss of income and death threats.


Short men more likely to be fingered as criminals.  (Please view the segment between 3:55 and 5:03 of the video.)

Study done with 60 disturbed women and at least one disturbed Academic, proves existence of "Short Man Syndrome"

  • Broadcast of June 11 2017 Short people, TV stars and Aliens.mp320:54

  • Broadcast of July 23, 2017.mp325:14

(The key section starts at 6:27 seconds into the video)





OTHER TALL CLUBS: Altitudes- France, DeHojes Klub - Denmark Tall Club,  De Hoyes Klubb - Norway Club for Tall People, Grouss Leit am Klenge Letzeberg - Tall Club of Luxembourg, Kerala Tall Men Association India, Ding Size Tall Club of Sweden, KLM Deutschland, Bezirk Berlin . . .


  • Broadcast of June 25, 2017 Topics; feminism, UK media, deluded short men.mp324:43

"Real Talk" asks women if they would date short or shorter men.

More short man bashing, this time courtesy of someone named Stacey Levin.

"When is 'National Hug a Short Person Day'?"  "They don't get one!  Hee hee hee hee hee"

'The Daily Nothing gives his take on heightism against Short men.


Please listen to Joe's comments on leg lengthening and prejudice against Short People on the BBC Segment 'SHORT ' on 'The Why Factor'

The Taller in this photo freely disparages the guy next to him, to whom he refers to as a "manlet", who he claims is his "best friend", and who he is using as an armrest.  "Manlet" is a degrading, demeaning term usually used with the intention of emasculating a short man or short men in general.  The Taller also states that his "manlet friend" is also probably jealous of this character's tall height.  The taller does this here without compunction.  Would it be fair to say that with friends like this taller, who needs enemies?

By the way, most short guys would rather have "friends" like this than be alone.  Such is the sate of affairs for the short man - especially the kind of short guys that populate message boards like .

Women would die if their sons were short.

Obese self-hating short woman won't take anything less than a 7'3" man.  She doesn't want her children to be like her.

  • Broadcast of May 21 2017 Proof of heightism.mp323:05

A Perfect example of a self-deprecating short-statured idiot begging for the favors of some heightist slut.  He might as well be one of those idiot posters.


Taller demeaning a short man

  • Broadcast of April 16, 2017 Incident in Hertfordshire.mp316:19

Mazarin Banaji of Harvard:  "We see it across all educational groups.  We see it across all ethnic groups  . . .", but those you mention it to will say that it's "All in your mind".


The article and video can be viewed here.

It's a jungle out there for short people and understanding what the short person faces in life requires a real pro. You can count on us to show you just how your short stature affects your life. 

In this broadcast we cover our recent interview with Jack Britton, the cucks of  new articles, and what is probably the first mention in the mainstream media of Short People being acceptable victims of discrimination by Matt K. Lewis on Anderson Cooper 360.  This is a key broadcast that you don't want to miss!!!

  • Broadcast of April 23 2017 BBC Skulduggery.mp311:22

Body language "expert" tells us how "insecure" Putin is.

  • Introduction to supportfortheshort week of March 26 2017.mp319:43

  • Phony Study out of University of Bonn April 9 2017.mp314:13

Type your paragraph here.

Well-meaning short guy gives the usual advice.



Honda sells cars by depicting short men as inferior.

The article and video can be viewed here

  • Broadcast of May 7 2017 Big man born in a small body.mp320:36

  • Broadcast of November 30, 201731:58

The Great Egalitarian Hillary Clinton does not like short men.


  • Broadcast of August 20, 2017 Scams.mp317:37

Profile of a Victim
The typical victim is someone whose physical attributes are different from the larger group. Classically, small or short people are bullied.

Read more . . .

  • Broadcast of April 30 2017 BBC Interview.mp315:30

The 'Big' Two


Alfred Adler                   Randy  Newman                                           
These two men are probably responsible for more prejudice against  short people than any other two persons in history.  Adler is the "psychologist" who coined the phrase "Napoleon Complex" which the media (and everyone else) has used as a legitimate labeling device for short men.  No psychologist or scientist in history has so wantonly labeled an entire group of people without the tiniest bit of scientific or experimental evidence as Adler did in the case of short men.  Adler's label was apparently based on nothing more than his own personal bias.  Randy Newman, of course, is the singer/songwriter of the infamous song, "Short People", which Newman claimed was a satire about prejudice.  Picture Newman's song  about "prejudice" targeting people based on race, religion, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc. and you begin to understand just how long Newman's career would have lasted after writing such a song.  At this point in 2016, things are getting progressively worse for the short-statured as both the media and society in general seem to be on the prowl for a group that can be wantonly targeted, since so many other groups today based on the above traits have representation and political power.  They seemed to have found that target in short people, and particularly Short men.

August 10, 2016
Heavy Hands #118: Yair Rodriguez, How to fight a bigger opponent,
When short men fight, it's usually WITH a bigger opponent.

July 31, 2016

Why being short is a deal breaker,

On many dating sites, women just want  "Tall".

July 27, 2016
Stretch yourself taller in two weeks,
More nonsense from the UK

July 29, 2016
Imagine a Black man's "personal insecurities" giving him the "courage" to launch a new skin-whitening product.

July 29, 2016
Hillary Clinton says 'little men' like Donald Trump are too volatile to be president as she becomes first female nominee,
Hillary Clinton likes to use the term "little" in the pejorative just like Donald Trump does -  just like everybody does.

A little sense.


Tell us what you think

  • Introduction to Supportfortheshort March 19 2017.mp314:11

The situations below represent some of those experienced by Short-statured people

Check out 'Mighty', Jack's production here.

The interview can be heard here.

Woman fired for being too short AND looking too young.

Serial Killer Victims Tend To Be Small

The one noticeable similarity with almost all serial killer victims is their short height and low weight. "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" should be the serial killer theme song. These small lightweight victims are easy to attack, easy to beat up, easy to carry or drag, easy to put in the trunk of a car, and easy to dispose of. Big victims are far too much work.

Read more . . .

It's not just serial killers who use short people as targets - It's  mostly everyone bigger than they are.

We've been exposing heightism against short people since 2006.  If you haven't already woken up to the slights, insults, arbitrary indignities, and overall prejudice against people of short stature, you will after you've viewed this website.  Heightism is prejudice based on height; almost always directed at people of short stature.  Tall people enjoy what we refer to as "Privilege".  Now the term "Privilege" has been bandied about in recent years and usually used in reference to alleged privilege based on race.  However, tall people of any and all races are paid more money for doing the same work.  They are viewed as more competent.  They are seen as more intelligent.  They are seen as stronger, both physically and mentally.  They are viewed as natural leaders.  Tall people advance in the workplace more easily.  Bullies usually don't choose Targets that are large, they choose targets that are small.  The same is true for street criminals.  Short men are disparaged, condemned and wished for extinction (just go to Twitter) and tolerate indignities that no recognized group in the second decade of the 21st Century would ever tolerate silently.  Authoritarian figures like teachers, police, etc. are more likely to accept the word of a Tall person over that of a short person in an adversarial situation, and short men are literally shut out of the boardroom, the bedroom, and the Diversity and Inclusion agenda proposed by so-called "Egalitarians" and other SJW's definitely does not include short people and short men in particular.  We display the articles, videos, etc., that depict heightism against short people (mostly men are targeted).  Much of it is blatant and right in-your-face with no apologies or compunction on either the part of the writers or individuals depicted in the articles and/or videos.  The media in general actively promotes this agenda, and has been active in promoting heightism (almost always directed at short men) for a long time.  This is the same media that supports the rights of all the "other" groups.  Some so-called researchers and some so-called "academics" may even come to conclusions that are completely erroneous and scientifically fraudulent, conclusions that they would NEVER come to concerning ANY other group under similar conditions.  This website will give you an entirely new  perspective on the role your height plays in your life.

July 26, 2016

Evil 5ft builder who was jailed for life for murdering his partner in 1994 beat and stabbed SECOND lover to death after he was freed from jail . . . A sadistic 5ft builder has been found guilty of stabbing his lover to death just three years after he was released from jail for murdering another girlfriend two decades ago . . . It can now be reported that it is the second time the 5ft tall builder has been convicted of murder.

The purpose of mentioning this man's height is for you the reader to associate  heinous acts with short-statured men.  The scum who write articles like this do this with malice aforethought.  They do it intentionally with the purpose of demonizing short men.  Much of this comes from the UK and the city of London.  Much man-bashing comes out of trash sites in the UK.  On a related note Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is  also known as a "builder".  Perhaps their repetition of the word "builder" is to subtly demonize him too. 

July 22, 2016
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz's deadly (and unforgiveable) sin
Even Foxnews downgrades one of their own with the "small man" label.

July 21, 2016
Ted Cruz: A Very Small Man
This is the new thing folks.  They're degrading every man they don't like by calling him "small"

July 19, 2016
Montrell Jackson, slain police officer: 'If you need a hug ... I got you',
"Despite his short stature, Gerald had a larger-than-life personality"

July 18, 2016 

Why Kamba ladies won't date short men,

"According to Kamba ladies, strolling with a short man is like walking with your kid bro."

July 1, 2016
Herne Bay warning as men seen crawling streets and peering into homes.,
More short men-bashing trash from the UK.

July 10, 2016
Build up son’s confidence to help him handle teasing,
"Life is an adventure . . ."

June 29, 2016
How your height affects your sex
"Scientists have spoken", Short men not worth spit.

June 29, 2016
Taller men tend to have more sexual encounters: Study,
It's almost as if even researchers are looking for reasons to depict short men in a negative light if for no other reason other than there are so few groups to depict that way today.

June 27, 2016 

5'7" Michael Lee Explains why the World would be better off without short men.

June 26, 2016
Fighting to be seen: The struggles of short people through the eyes of a Kerala man
Every page of the 100-page book is heavy with the painful experiences of short people.

June 24, 2016
'Teasing, heightism drove me out of netball',
Tallers always viewed as better.

June 23, 2016 
The Napoleon Complex Theory: Why Are Short People Always the Worst to Put Up With?,
Author of article calls short boys "miserable men", "creatures", claims that short people, "have an ax to grind with everyone", among other disparaging comments, labels, and depictions that no recognized group would ever tolerate.

June 13, 2016
Would You Get Your Bones Broken to Increase Your Height?
Some short men are begging for it.

June 11, 2016

Heightism is Next,

Apparently Carl Beijer doesn't know much about short people.

June 9, 2016
Tall people are more productive than short people
View the video and ask yourself what would happen if ANY other group were depicted this way.

June 1, 2016 
Very short’ man wanted for north city murder,
Title describes only the man's height, not his race, not his weight, not his age.

This is what they want you to be - a smiling little beggar.

November 24, 2017  (NEW)
Mother Commits Suicide Because Her Son’s Fiancée Is Too Short, Father Tries Next
Another proof that heightism is a world-wide phenomenon.

November 22, 2017  (NEW)
Naim Suleymanoglu, 50, Dies; Weight Lifting’s ‘Pocket Hercules’
A great short athlete passes away.     

November 10, 2017  (NEW)
People in the News, NOV.1):  Lupita Nyong'o, Melissa Hancock, Norman Rockwell
According to the article: "A reality TV star killed a U.S. Coast Guard technician in a drunken wrong-way collision on a Virginia highway, authorities said.

Melissa Hancock, 25, was charged with driving while intoxicated and maiming in the death of Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Dill, 29. Hancock appeared on Lifetime’s Little Women: Atlanta, a reality show that focuses on women of short stature."
Try to find a reality show that focuses on short men.

November 10, 2017  (NEW)
Morgan Co. Sports Hall of Famer Junior Vaughn Remembered
This is the second article this year where someone has said about a short man having a "big heart" in spite of being short. (other article)

November 2, 2017  (NEW)
Kenyans list worst type of people to date. Short men and ladies who love make up must read.
Kenya is now challenging for most hateful against short men.

October 30, 2017  (NEW)
Calling Akufo-Addo short man' caused our defeat - Kwabena Donkor
Disparaging short men a World-wide phenomenon.

October 24, 2017  (NEW)
Identity Politics Wins:  Now Everyone Thinks They're Discriminated Against
Article  discusses multiple surveys asking if members of many groups felt they were discrimated against.  But couldn't find a survey inquiring the same thing of short people.

October 23, 2017  (NEW)
Why Kenyan women hate and can’t date short men
The most acceptable and unchallenged prejudice on Earth.

October 22, 2017  (NEW)
Trump's height bias
Media around the World disparage short men freely and wantonly.  But  when President Trump does it, it suddenly becomes wrong.

October 10, 2017 (NEW)
How Heightism Changes Our Understanding of Strength and Competence
In her new book, lawyer Tanya Osensky argues that constantly monitoring height is a symptom and driver of a pervasive "heightism" that unjustly frames tallness as powerful and shortness as weak.
Please check out our interview with Tanya in our 'Broadcast' section.

October 9, 2017 
Dove apologizes for ad: We 'missed the mark' representing black women
We're still waiting for Honda to apologize to short men for THIS 2001 commercial (and many other companies depicting short men disparagingly in their advertising). Women, Blacks and other groups will not tolerate being depicted in anything less but the most positive light.

September 29, 2017 
In a body positive world, why are men still laughed at for being short?
Short guy aware of heightism, but seems to stop short of thinking about it as a real social issue.

September 24, 2017 
Changing It Up
Egalitarian writer has an "aversion" to short men

September 24, 2017    
The Amazing Story of Little Al Cashier, A Transgender Civil War Hero
Being "little" is OK - if you're "transgendered".

September 18, 2017      
If only he was taller…
Black man says, " I can’t change my height. Lord knows I’ve spent enough time wishing I could."  If a Black man said that about his race, he'd be labeled an "Uncle Tom".

September 16, 2017 
Haqqani: Correlation between height and blood clot risk
Tall people more prone to blood clots according to the article.  Too bad there are no articles yet saying how prone tall people are to arrogance and a superiority complex.

September 14, 2017 
Why Oasis should cancel its 'Midget Paintball Manhunt'

"It’s OK to demean people, as long as they’re different."  No.  It's OK to demean people when they're short - especially if they're men.

September 12, 2017 
Want a Partner Who Will Help Around the House? Date Short Men
Short men only good for doing housework for domineering women.

September 12, 2017 
Micro Wrestling special event license approved
Tavern owner hosting the event says midgets who think midget wrestling is degrading, are misguided.

September 8, 2017 

Women Fancy Short Men Most Study Claims
"Forget tall, dark and handsome - a major dating site says the ideal man is short, dark and pudgy, but we're not convinced."
Short men OK, as long as they're "dark".

September 5, 2017 
Stop taking the p*** out of men for wanting to be taller
Writer basically says, 'Be nice to short men, they have a right to deal with their insecurities by buying lifts for their shoes'.

September 1, 2017 
Wanna One's Ha Sung Woon reveals how he overcomes his short height on stage
Just stretch more and then you'll be a man.

August 30, 2017 
Not a great week of football picks, but ... no harm, no fowl
Now planets in the solar system are accused of having "little man syndrome".  By the way, the word should be 'foul'.   'Fowl' refers to poultry.   So much for the writer's proof-reading skills and the websites' credibility.

No Date 
Philly dating disasters: This is what women deal with...
Columnist Cassie Hepler shares her dreadful experiences dating in Philadelphia.
Bitch who gets called a bitch, doesn't like it.  Short men to blame

August 23, 2017 
Trump attacks 'little' George Stephanopoulos during anti-media rant at Phoenix campaign rally
The World's premiere short man bashing news website and all-around trash site, the Daily Mail out of London in the UK sees fit now to make President Donald Trump a VILLAIN because he described George Stephanopoulos as "Little George" at his August 22nd rally in Phoenix Arizona.  After dozens of articles bashing short men either explicitly or implicitly, this scummy trash site has the cahonas to depict President Trump negatively, because he called George Stephanopoulos "Little George".  Contrast President Trump's Little George' comment with the daily trash's article wantonly labeling
a short man involved in a road incident and placing a random onlooker (a construction worker no less) in the role of a psychiatrist to pathologize a random motorists' behavior.  This article was only one of many articles depicted on this website from more than one writer, wantonly labeling, disparaging, demeaning, and degrading short men (never short women).  When President Trump disparages short men however, these bastards try to depict him as some sort of bad guy bully who likes to put people down.  These people at the daily mail have to be the worst fu**ing hypocrites on the planet.  We mentioned in a recent broadcast that they will never stop either, that is, until they're made to stop.

August 23, 2017
Bazokizo Collo shows off his tall wife and Kenyans reactions are epic
Kenya is another hotbed of women's hatred for short men. 

August 23, 2017 
Ex-Celtics blast Chris Broussard over Isaiah Thomas ‘lies’
Another short guy labeled with the infamous "Napoleon Complex"

August 22, 2017
Jon Snow's Height Is the Best Running Joke on Game of Thrones Season 7
"Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss keep dropping jokes about Jon Snow's height into the script."  We wonder what would happen if the two "creators" started "dropping jokes" about an actors' skin color.

The Bantam Battalions of World War One
A battalion just for short men.  Today the British army home page looks more like a promotion of feminism and other currently politically correct ideologies website than anything else.

August 3, 2017 
Why women hate and can't date short men
Kenya is another hotbed of hate for short men. This is not the first article from Kenya that expresses hatred of short men.  (But they probably wouldn't tolerate racism against their skin color though.)

August 1, 2017 
Bond Talk After Dark: Blunt Instruments And Bullshit
Author's favorite Ian Fleming quote, “Bond always mistrusted short men. They grew up from childhood with an inferiority complex. All their lives they would strive to be big - bigger than the others who had teased them as a child. Napoleon had been short, and Hitler. It was the short men that caused all the trouble in the world.”
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Manual used to have a similar quote.

July 30, 2017 
Down in jungleland: House of Sparrows
They nest in our houses and reflect the quirks of family life – the sparrow is Everyman of the bird community.
An article about sparrows.  But even sparrows sometimes act like short men according to the article.

July 25, 2017 
Anthony Scaramucci accused of - what else - Short man complex.

July 24, 2017
Pictured: Man Swiss police are hunting 'after he injured five people in chainsaw rampage sparked by health insurance firm refusing to pay out'
The photo that the dailymail depicts of the suspect makes him look 5'2" instead of 6'2".  Is that meant to subtly disparage short men? (knowing the dailytrash - uh - I mean dailymail like we do, I think we can safely assume the answer is yes.)

July 22, 2017 
Week 9: Donald Trump’s Napoleon Complex
Now the bogus "Napoleon Complex" can be applied to even tall men - just as long as their not on the Left.

July 19, 2017 
Single of the Day: OKENYO “Woman’s World” (2017)
Author of article states:  “Woman’s World” shines with confidence, slyly winks in the face of internet trolls and men suffering from general short man syndrome and those aggressive insecurities that are quite frankly hilarious – though ever present – in today’s climate.

July 15, 2017 
Mayweather explodes with anti-gay, anti-woman tirade at McGregor
The entire quote was "As soon as we come off vacation, we're going to cook that little yellow chump. We ain't worried about that. So they ain't gotta worry about me fighting the midget. Once I kick the midget ass, I don't want you all to jump on my d***. So you all better get on the bandwagon now... Once I stomp the midget, I'll make that mother f****er make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice."  Black people can't be racist --- or heightist.

July 13, 2017 
Good Morning America debuts new anchor desk that hides away 5ft 7ins George Stephanopoulos' legs, with insider claiming it was designed to put tiny TV titan on equal footing with his co-hosts
The usual suspects in the UK at the dailymail continue casting short men in a negative light as usual.

July 13, 2017
If You’re Taller Than This, Your Risk Of Aggressive Prostate Cancer Spikes
According to the article taller men run a greater risk of getting prostate cancer. (Maybe it's divine retribution for a lifetime of taking advantage of an unearned privilege.)

July 11, 2017 
‘The Defiant Ones’ Recap, Episode 3: When Jimmy Met Dre (And Suge)
Now there's allegedly an "Italian short man complex".

July 6, 2017
Gene Weingarten: A question of bias against short men?
Gene accepts women's dislike of short men.

June 23, 2017 
Frank Kush, Hall of Fame Coach of Arizona State, Dies at 88
Mike Haynes, who played for Kush in the 1970s and became an All-Pro defensive back in the N.F.L., told The Arizona Republic after Kush’s death that at first he felt that Kush “might have had short-man syndrome.”
In the 1970's no one heard of the phrase "short man syndrome"

June 14, 2017 
EXCLUSIVE: Congress shooter was 5'6" rude loner who creeped out female bar staff at BBQ restaurant
When criminals are short, their height is mentioned first to assist in demonizing them.  Of course the dailymail demonizes short men even when they are NOT criminals.

June 11, 2017 
Short Men
Feminist doesn't like short men complaining about the difficulties of being short.  It's a threat to her 'status'.  She apparently WANTS them short.  After all, there's got to be at least some men she can bully.

June 11, 2017 
Dedicated reaction officer dies in Moot crash
“He was a very short man, but he had a big heart.", According to the Operations Mgr.

June 7, 2017 
Ducks and Lions: The Lowdown on Wizkid & Tekno’s exchange on Twitter
Sometimes it's not the article, but the comments section that indicates the hatred toward short men.

May 31, 2017 
Exclusive preview: Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden's Joe Golem: Occult Detective #1
Comic book Occult detective seeks out "a short man with a lot of anger management issues".

May 19, 2017 
Limb-Lengthening Surgery Increasingly Popular with the Vertically Challenged
Oh yeah!!!  It's so popular!!!  Why 1 in 1 million short people are now getting it done!!! 

May 13, 2017 

Aggressive PBSO Street Deputy Nearly Starts Riot In Lake Worth!
Officer described as "a short man who spends quite a bit of time in the weight room". 

May 8, 2017 
I Don’t Want A Short Or A Broke Man – Toyin Aimakhu Says
If he was broke and tall though, she might change her mind.

May 7, 2017  (NEW)
23 Privileges You Short People Have That Us Tall People Don’t   Check your privilege short stack
Idiot has obviously come to SupportForTheShort and tries to turn the tables.  Makes a fool of himself doing so.

April 11, 2017 
Guy hilariously trolls Tinder match who hates short men
For once a tiny section of the media gets it right - I think.

April 5, 2017 
Moment a furious motorist 'with small man syndrome' swung for another driver, kicked his car and tried to rip off a wing mirror 'after being sworn at for not giving way'
The dailytrash continues its unabated bashing, labeling, and stigmatizing of short men.

April 5, 2017 
Please don’t forget short males when it comes time to be inclusive
Yeahhhhhhh.  I can see them falling all over themselves rushing to be "inclusive" to short men.

March 23, 2017 
Warriors fans may enjoy seeing Blake Griffin shoved by tiny JJ Barea
Now 6-footers are referred to as "tiny" and accused of having a "Little Man's Syndrome".

March 22, 2017
Japanese college women pick between men who’re short and handsome or tall and plain in survey
When the votes were tallied, the tall men occupied the higher position, with 75.2 percent of the women saying they’d pick the tall, non-ikemen option
Survey concludes Japanese women would rather have a tall average-looking guy than a short good-looking one.

March 3, 2017
Keira Maguire and Kris Smith eliminated from I’m A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!
Another short man labeled with, "Short Man Syndrome"

March 2, 2017 
Ruthless women fighting for right to piss while standing!
From the article:  "The men are said to have been dropped out of the genetic pool owing to their unsuitablity as fathers - drunkards, short men and other deadbeat types."

March 1, 2017
The Kevin Hart Takeover: From Basketball to Poker, the Comedian is Crushing the Game
". . . Maybe he suffers from a touch of short-man syndrome . . ." -- Or maybe the writer of this article suffers "from a touch" of heightism.

February 26, 2017 
'Game of Thrones' Star Neil Fingleton Dead at
Tall men may not be so strong and healthy after all.

February 23, 2017   
Short men should be careful not to lose their partners – Counselor Lutterodt
Says counselor Lutterodt: "So if you are short, look at yourself in the mirror and every morning, when you wake up, tell your wife, ‘thank you for marrying me"

February 21, 2017  
Edmonton woman wants size discrimination included in Alberta Human Rights Act
She eats herself into obesity and then wants to be "protected" under a Human Rights Act.

February 13, 2017 

Short men tend to live longer due to 'longevity gene' -- study

Short men tend to live longer than tall men according to study.  But the photo depicted says something else.

January 24, 2017
Christina Ricci: 'People treat me like I'm an idiot'
Christina Ricci complains that her short stature and young appearance cause her to be discriminated against. How does she solve the problem?  You guessed it!  She only hooks up with Tall men!

January 24, 2017 
For men, body positivity means accepting being born short
Egalitarian woman wants to help the poor little short men, but sexual assault comes first.  Presumably done mostly by large men.

January 23, 2017 
Even short men have sex appeal
Imagine!  Even short men have sex appeal.  Incredible! 

January 20, 2017 
I can't marry a short man - Beauty Queen
Black women seem to demonstrate the most blunt condescension toward short men.

January 20, 2017 
The Colony of Unrequited Dreams
The ubiquitous "short man complex" label rear its ugly head yet again.

January 16, 2017 
Ask Dr NerdLove: I Wish I Were A Little Bit Taller
The advice is always the same, the difficulties are always portrayed to be OUR problems.  They're always portrayed to be internal rather than external.

January 12, 2017 

Ashley Graham’s Sexiest Shoot Yet Is Also Her Most Powerful
From the trashy, liberal, man-bashing, Huffington Post

January 11, 2017 
High-ly amusing! Tall people share the hilarious ways they're hindered by their height
I'm so glad I don't have their "problems"!  I'm so glad that the dailytrash is such good media!

January 6, 2017 
Cancer death rate has dropped 25 percent
"Researchers have recently begun to spot other correlations such as the fact that, as a group, tall men are diagnosed slightly more often than short men."
Maybe tall men just don't have enough Kawnfidensse.

January 1, 2017 
Fascism in the USA, a rebuttal
Even 6'2" Donald Trump is not immune from being called a "small man with small hands".  Liberals will even call big men small just as long as they don't agree with them.

Pipsqueaks are waking up.

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Jr.,Jose ' Roid boy' Canseco and Richard 'Jailbird' Hatch gang up on 5'8" 1970's heartthrob David Cassidy .

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The level of acceptability of heightism is almost mind-boggling.  This sign was displayed from some wonderful "Egalitarians" in NYC; The Hester Street Fair  put this sign up on Essex St. at the entrance to the Fair suggesting that short people get down on all fours and drink with the dogs.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. -Zig Ziglar

Translated for short people:  Be a good little shrimp and don't rock the boat and maybe, just maybe, we'll throw you some crumbs.

Maybe . .

See?!  That's the spirit!



Daniel Freeman

According to a study listed in the journal “Psychiatry Research”  “Being tall is associated with greater career and relationship success.  Height is taken to convey authority and we feel taller when we feel more powerful,”
said Daniel Freeman of Britain’s University of Oxford, who led the study. 

Read more . . .