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François Hollande 'too short' for photo with Arnold Schwarzenegger  (NEW)

Hollande's aides in PR dilemma over fears that the 5ft 7in president is too short to be photographed beside Arnie

By David Chazan, Paris

3:25PM BST 08 Oct 2014

The latest threat to François Hollande’s presidency does not come from France’s dire economic performance or rebellious party members, but the arrival of the Terminator at the Elysée Palace.

The French president’s advisers are reportedly worried that the 5ft 7 ins Mr Hollande may face ridicule over his short stature if he is photographed beside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The 6ft 2 ins Hollywood star and former governor of California is to visit the Elysée Palace on Friday in his capacity as head of the R20 environmental group, which lobbies governments to do more to combat climate change.


 Mr Hollande is in fact two inches taller than his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, who was mercilessly lampooned over his height, often wore stacked heels and reportedly ordered aides to hand-pick short people to surround him at televised events.

However, that has not spared him from similar mockery. Weeks after taking over from Mr Sarkozy in 2012, Mr Hollande became the butt of jokes when he visited London and was photographed alongside members of the Coldstream Guards wearing bearskin hats. French commentators said the scene was reminiscent of Gulliver’s Travels.

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They will not stop . . . until they're stopped.  Francois Hollande,Arnold Schwarzenegger,short men,heightism
Working in conjunction with the Heightism Report

 Why do people discriminate against short people and short men in particular?

Answer:  to put it very briefly - Because they can.  Because they know they meet with no resistance on the part of the short person.  Because "they" have all the power and the short-statured are powerless.  The short face discrimination based on height all alone without the aid of a group dynamic.  Others know this instinctively.  The tallers also have a very real physical advantage.  An advantage in reach, weight, bone density, and muscle mass, not to mention the fact that you are looking up and they are looking down, and looking up is something that we all did as infants, toddlers, children and adolescents, and this allows them to "get in your face", while at the same time you can never get in theirs.  there is also an age factor that says that the short are child-like.  And there's a whole lot more . . .


LYNN SHERR: I have to tell you, and it breaks my heart to tell you this, it turned out that being short was not good.  Does that surprise anybody?

Let's offer you a hypothetical situation - a different set of facts.  Let's put a lone Black man in the same line up of guys above. Or let's put a lone Hispanic, or Muslim, or Fat man, or bald man, or disabled man, or extraterrestrial man in the line up.  Do you think that these women would have said the same things about them?  Do you think Lynn Sherr would have said the same thing to those men as she said to the short men above?

If you think that, then you're a deluded short man, just like 90+% or so of short men.  I'm sorry, what did you say, I did not hear you? - I have a problem?  Is that what you just said?  Well, you're right.  I do have a problem.  And that problem is YOU. 



A label originally hung on short men by a "psychologist" named Alfred Adler more than 100 years ago.  It had no basis in experimental evidence.  It was coined by Adler out of his own personal bias.  For decades the phrase remained dormant.  Only recently has it begun to take off.  The reason for this we believe, is the unavailability of previously available societal "targets" based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, and a few others.  Some derivations of the so-called "Napoleon Complex" are "Short Man Complex", "Short Man Syndrome", "Napoleon Syndrome", "Little Man Complex",  and "Little Man Syndrome".  Twitter displays
some of the worst height bigots on the planet, and many of them use these phrases along with others.
  Please visit our Twitter page to see the incredible prejudice against short men.


Newman claimed the song was a satire about prejudice, however, it is obvious that if Newman had written this song about virtually any other group of people, his career would have been over almost immediately.  This song, along with Alfred Adler's infamous "Napoleon Complex" label, is responsible for a good deal of the hate directed at short people today in the 21st Century.  A hate that would be tolerated by no other group.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

 -Zig Ziglar

Translated for short people:  Be a good little shrimp and don't rock the boat and maybe, just maybe, we'll throw you some crumbs.

Maybe . . .   
See?!  That's the spirit!


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Several reviewer comments on The Truth About Your Height follow.

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Monday February 3, 2014

The Huffington Post interviews 3 short men in a segment relating to the bogus "Short Man Syndrome".  About as expected.  Three "cool" short guys interviewed, including an annoying "comedian".  No real issues discussed.  ___________________

More Heightism Bullsh*t – From Oxford University No Less


Daniel Freeman

According to a study listed in the journal “Psychiatry Research”  “Being tall is associated with greater career and relationship success.  Height is taken to convey authority and we feel taller when we feel more powerful,” said Daniel Freeman of Britain’s University of Oxford, who led the study.  He explained that in this experiment, when people’s height was virtually reduced, they felt inferior and this caused them to feel overly mistrustful.  “This all happened in a virtual reality (VR) simulation but we know that people behave in VR as they do in real life, “ Freeman added.

No mention of prejudice against the short-statured.  No mention of hatred toward the short (Just read the “Heightism Report”)  It’s “all in the mind” of the short person.  There’s no mention from this “distinguished” researcher about prejudice by society against people who are shorter than average.  In other words, “It’s your fault that you “feel” the way that you do, little man”.  They put the VR goggles on and by George, that’s reality.  We know that people behave and feel in the real world the way they do with the Goggles on.  

This is nothing but a “Rush To Judgment” of The Short-Statured, and from Oxford University no less.  We hate to say it, but if a “study” was done and the same conclusions stated about any other group, and the head researcher made the statements that he made about short people, ABOUT any other group; and we mean ANY OTHER GROUP – he would very likely be on the unemployment lines the very next day.  Organizations representing that group (whatever group it is – racial, ethnic, religious, sex, sexual orientation, etc.) would be making complaints long and loud about prejudice and stereotyping.  However, when it’s short people involved, all bets are off, so-to-speak.  It’s always the short person who is at fault.  It’s always the short person, who has a “complex”,  It’s always the short person who  needs to “change”, and of course “we know that people behave in VR as they do in real life”.

One thing is for sure, and that is that short people and short men in particular must start taking responsibility for the incredible discrimination that is heaped upon them from the ‘Twits of Twitter’ all the way up to the prestigious crème d la crème of Oxford University.  We are at a loss to explain what this so-called “academic” Daniel Freeman was thinking when he made the above statements.  In our opinion Mr. Freeman is no better than the uneducated adolescent imbeciles who make the incredibly hateful and bigoted comments on Twitter – and get away with it – all with the Twitter folks looking the other way.  Mr. Freeman is no different than any Height Bigot off the street.  Of course, he won’t face any consequences for it though.  If Freeman made the same statements based on race, religion, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, or any one of a host of other traits that he said about being short, his career would have been "cut short”.  And that kind of “short” would be a good thing; not only for short people, but for idiots like Daniel Freeman.


Tall Honda Headroom

This is one of the most blatantly heightist commercials that has ever been aired on TV.  And the heightism is depicted without any actual heightist expletives.  This Honda commercial was first aired in 2001.  It is not difficult to see that short men are not a group with even the tiniest bit of political power or even human rights, because if they were, Honda would have been called on the carpet for this 30-second piece of garbage almost immediately.  When the women pulled up alongside the guys, they seemed to have an interest, that is, until they got out of their car and saw their heights.  This commercial degrades short men by depicting them as undesirable for women and actually uses this theme to promote Honda SUV's!  We see the short men driving away afterwards in a state of self-delusion - laughing childishly and acting stupid - just like one of the stereotypes depicting short men to be.  Of course, any stereotype of short men is acceptable - just as long as it's negative.  Could anyone picture a similar commercial depicting a group as undesirable based on race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, or even weight and using that image of undesirability to advance sales of their products?  And if there was such a commercial, could anyone imagine the backlash after it was aired?

Volkswagen Gets Into the Act

Volkswagen picks up where Honda left off.
  You'll notice that it's the guy's short height that is depicted disparagingly, NOT the woman's exceptionally TALL Height.  In other words we're supposed to celebrate when she finds a guy taller than she is.  The short guy can go to hell.  It's not important if he can find someone to date who's shorter than him, it's only important that SHE can find a TALL guy.  Imagine if this commercial negatively depicted ANY other group of individuals.

  - And So Does Ford

Driver:  You know this hybrid has a better fuel economy rating that the Prius V.
Passenger:  Oh really?  Great gas mileage and it looks good.
Driver:  Yeah.  So much better than choosing good looks OR great gas mileage.
Passenger:  It’d be like somebody being Large OR in-charge.
Tiny man standing on conference room table:  And there are 3 ways to do this:
My way, my way, and My way.  Do I make myself clear?!
Passenger in car:  I like ‘And’ better.
Driver:  Yeah.  (While shaking her head in the affirmative)
Commentator:  And IS better.  The 2014 Fusion Hybrid.  Ford gives you hybrid fuel economy and A LOT MORE.

This commercial has 3 races of people:  White, Black and Oriental.  It has men and Women.  It has young and old.  But apparently, judging by the reactions of all to the little old man on the conference room table that among different races, sexes and ages all can agree that a little man in charge is a joke.  They also depict the tiny man on the table’s voice in a very high pitch.  This is to emasculate him.  The commentator’s last few words are very telling:  Ford gives you hybrid fuel economy and A LOT MORE.  One would assume a lot more is good.

It’s all in your mind little man.


Gospel Singing Now Includes Degrading songs about short people

Times sure have changed!!!  Now they sing Gospel about short people having 'no reason to live' (courtesy of Randy Newmans' 'Short People')   Short girl at first ashamed, (short man too) but then they get with it.  Start groovin' to their own degradation. Short man has the privilege of being body-slammed by 300 lb. woman, all in the middle of a religious service!!!  Both walk away like the fools that they are.

AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou laughs on television when told of an incident in which a dwarf performer was allegedly set on fire by a St Kilda player at "Mad Monday" celebrations.


Remember Alexandra Wallace?  She was the UCLA student, who, back in 2011 made the Youtube video below - 'Asians in the Library'.

For displaying this video she was written up harshly in almost all of the major media in the U.S. and abroad.  According to various sources even a spokesman for UCLA denounced it:  "The comments on there are contrary to the values the university believes in," university spokesman Phil Hampton said.  Miss Wallace was forced to withdraw from the University and even received death threats.  Contrast the above video with the one below from "Comedian" Frances DiLorinzo about "Short men" -

For the first video you get ridiculed from one end of the country to another and around the World, get forced to withdraw from your college, and even receive death threats.  For the second one (as long as it's about short men) you get a whole lot of laughs and get paid good money for doing it.

It's all in your mind little man.  You should just - "Get over it


Imagine if a short guy comedian made the same jokes about fat women . . . And the dumbed-down audience laughs at every word, even though most of it isn't funny.


And here's another great comedian -

We've listened to several youtube videos from this guy, and even when he's not degrading short men he's not funny.  What's so interesting is that the people laugh at this guy's act even though he's not funny.  Slovenly morbidly-obese TALL MEN it would appear, are held in higher regard than short men - no matter what their accomplishments, be it Tom Cruise, Prince or any other short man.  He just does his act, then probably goes home, dives into some chicken wings, pizza, fried rice, beer, munchies - and who-the-hell knows what else - views some porn, goes to sleep, then by golly he's ready for another day tomorrow.  We'd like to take bets to see if this bum goes the way of other people like John Candy, Chris Farley and Jerry Garcia.

Incidentally, we don't mean to put this clown's name in with real celebrities.  We only meant to show that most folks who get heart attacks at young ages, do it to themselves.  To think that some clueless dumbed-down, self-destructing moron like this can use someone like Tom Cruise as the butt of his jokes is just unbelievable on its face.  What's even more unbelievable is that people actually laugh at this guy's act.  It seems that even a moron is smart enough to know that he can degrade short men and get away with it.  In this case, not just get away with it, but make money off of it.

BY Pat Brown

The victims of a serial killer all look alike

This myth no doubt materialized when neighborhoods were not interracial or multicultural. Since serial killers tend to kill just around the corner from where they live or where they work, the victims are just local folks. The most important issue for the killer is the ability to get a victim easily and successfully.


The one noticeable similarity with almost all serial killer victims is their short height and low weight. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue should be the serial killer theme song. These small lightweight victims are easy to attack, easy to beat up, easy to carry or drag, easy to put in the trunk of a car, and easy to dispose of. Big victims are far too much work. Smallish men, smallish women, and children are easy for the killer too handle.

Read more . . .

It's not just serial killers that choose small targets; it's street punks, social predators, bullies at work and anyone else who needs an easy target for abuse.  Of course, this isn't viewed as "prejudice" or a "hate crime".


Tall men run faster, jump higher land more jobs, make more money, get more votes, and win more women.  But it's supposed to be a secret.

By Ralph Keyes


Perhaps you remember Randy Newman's song 'Short People' - the one about short people having grubby little fingers and dirty little minds, got to pick 'em up just to say hello, no reason to live, and so on.  By his own testimony, its author meant no offense.  "It's just a joke," Newman explained when the song was released.  "You don't think it'll bother anybody, do?"


"I don't get why people are so offended by it," he said.

Perhaps if Newman had said similar things about Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Muslims, Jews, Gays, Lesbians, Women, Bald men, Tall people, fat people, etc. in a song, he'd understand.  Actually we think he already does understand, and did at the time.  Newman's song has probably done more to promote heightism, than anything else in the history of the world with the possible exception of Alfred Adler's labeling short men with his famous "Napoleon Complex".

Heights of Presidents and Presidential Candidates of the United States 
- 1916

According to data from Wikipedia (and you can't always trust Wikipedia but we think that whoever updated this listing is correct) we counted 24 U.S. Presidential Elections before 1920 where the height of both/all candidates was known.  We also counted the short man winning 14 out of 24 times.  That's over 58% of the national elections won by the shorter man.  As a matter of fact the shortest U.S. President in history - James Madison - defeated a man almost a foot taller, yet the U.S. media always seems to harping on the fact that the taller man has won 80% of the Presidential Elections in the 20th Century.  They never seem to mention or cover the entire spectrum of elections since the late 18th Century.

Just another example of the extraordinary media bias toward the short man.


How to Pick a Soldier for the Continental Army (No Short Guys Need Apply)   

By Rebecca Onion

Posted Thursday, June 13, 2013, at 11:05 AM

This undated sheet, addressed to a “Col. Jackson,” issues instructions for enlistment of men in the Continental Army. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, which holds the orders, believes that the addressee was Henry Jackson, who commanded various Massachusetts regiments between 1777 and 1784.

See it here.

It's all in your mind little man.


Bucks County Courier March 26, 1975
Mounties Admit to Brainwashing

OTTAWA (UPI) - The Mountie always gets his man - even if it means using brainwashing, lies, deceit and sexism, according to a training manual.

In a 39-page manual used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's  training branch in Ottawa, officers are instructed to start questioning with everything that is "legal and right."
But if this fails, "I suggest the rules go out the window and the interrogator must open up his bag of tricks," the manual says.
The manual was brought before the House of commons by an angry lawmaker Tuesday who demanded an investigation, and a copy was obtained by UPI.

Special handling

The booklet advises special handling depending on whether suspects are fat, short . . .


"In this approach we let the subject have a look at hell . . .  "The subject is interrogated at all hours, day or night.  He has been kept in isolation and has had most of his clothes taken away from him.

"He is dressed in a sloppy pair of coveralls.  he does not use his own shoes but instead is given a pair of shoes too large for him so that they slop about.  There are no shoelaces.  He has no belt to hold up his pants.


The manual says being stripped of clothing and denied permission to contact friends or family the suspect "feels completely foresaken and forgotten and is at the lowest depths of despair."


 - "Short physique:  If we think for a moment how many small men have become dictators: Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin.  All were men of relatively small stature.  Think back to your days on the beat.  It was always the little guy who caused the trouble and caused the fight."

Read more . . .

This isn't just brainwashing.  It's profiling of Short men.  Blatant, in-your-face profiling, not like the type of profiling that police departments are often accused of doing with respect to things like race.  This was actually written into the training manual, and if it wasn't for the alleged sexism contained in the manual, would probably still be written into the manual today.  No lawmaker  would demand an investigation if the manual just profiled short men.  That would never happen.  It wouldn't happen in 1975 and it wouldn't happen today.


Small dogs behave badly, like short men: study

December 18, 2013

If there's one thing we're finding now, it's the blanket and extremely biased and unfounded assertion that short men have some sort of innate behavioral disorder.  This is being presented by media more and more.  The title of this article just flatly asserts it, and it's becoming so ludicrous that even small dogs are being targeted as unusually violent.  Just read the above - "a canine equivalent of short man syndrome".  This dog also has a Black face.  Can we imagine what would happen if the title of this article was - "Black dogs behave badly, like Black men".   Ditto for any other group.  There aren't even any crime statistics based on height, and the article's title blatantly labels short men.  What the F*** is wrong with short men that they don't say anything about things like this???

Are women not interested in short men?
Article advises short men to only chat with short women.  The problem is, some one should tell that to short women. (and Tall men)

Societies Views on Short Statured

Samantha Hayes
The Unknown Discrimination

From 'The Power and Paradox of Physical Attractiveness'

by Gordon L. Patzer 

Height plays a serious role as a body component within physical attractiveness phenomenon with shorter and taller heights typically assoicated correspondingly with lower and higher physical attractiveness.  Despite occasional divergences where extreme tallness is a detriment, shorter than average males of all ages seem most negatively affected by this body component while taller than average males are most positively affected through an unchallenged discrimination based on height.


John Kenneth Galbraith, a highly esteemed economist who stood 6'8" tall, expressed well the bias in favor of tallness when quoted in the Christian Science Monitor as saying that height is one of society's "most blatant and forgiven prejudices."  


All cultures have a subtle and even not-so-subtle predisposition against shorter people in favor of taller people, especially for males.


Whether American press shapes or reflects society, it plays a notable role in attitudes about height.  A content analysis performed outside of exacting scientific procedure investigated whether the press deals withj individuals differently as a function of their height.  Results of this content analysis documented that descriptive writings by the press predominantly treat males and females most favorably when they are taller as opposed to shorter.

It's all in your mind little man.  You should just "Get over it".


Two kids boxing a 3-round informal match with boxing gloves on.  But somehow, some way, the shorter kid must have  "Little Man Syndrome" judging from the titile given to the video.  Tall kid just natural and wonderful.  No "Syndrome" there!!!

A short man on a shooting range.  Proof positive that he has "Short man syndrome" acording to the title of this one.  I guess when a short guy goes to a pistol range it's to "prove something" or because he's hyper-aggressive.  Tall men on a shooting range are just fine apparently.  They just go there to practice their shooting skills for self-defense against those little Napoleons.

If you look at the above videos there is absolutely nothing in these videos to indicate that either the short boy in the video on the left or the short guy in the video on the right are doing anything that would indicate that they have some sort of "syndrome".  These videos are perfect examples of how people label and profile short boys and short men.  They do it right in your face wantonly and in the two cases above without any evidence at all.  And when the short guy protests, he's told it's "all in his mind".  Wake the F*** Up short guys.

Heightism from India now -
Reasons Why Women Like Tall Men    
Posted by: Anvi Mehta
Published: Saturday, April 19, 2014, 1:04 [IST]


The Caring Quotient - . . . When a tall man hugs a woman he can hold her firm and she can confide in him.


The Secure Feeling - A man who is taller than you definitely makes you feel comfortable and secure to some extent than the one who is short. Tall men resemble masculinity . . .

Personality - It is a common belief that a man with a good personality should have a good height. . . .
  Men with a good height do have a better personality than the ones who are shorter. . . . The attraction towards taller men is mainly because they have a better personality.

Romance - . . .Taller men are supposedly better in bed than the shorter ones. This is also one reason why women like tall men or why women prefer tall men.

Read more . . .

Heightism is all a "Western" phenomenon. 


Little Person Called a 'Midget' in Job Interview

In this "WWYD" scene, diners step in to defend a man from an offensive job interviewer.

We wonder if these women would have come forward to defend just an "average" short man against the same kind of insults, or if they would have just sat there and laughed.  You tell us. 
Interview at the BBC

BBC NEWCASTLE - Webmaster's live interview with 'Alfie and Charlie at Breakfast'.  Listen to the interview here.




Displaying up-to-the-minute Hatred of Short people on Twitter.

It is currently quite acceptable and even celebrated to express hatred for  short people, and in particular short men, and this is extremely apparent on Twitter.  The "tweets" displayed represent some of the worst out-in-the-open hatred of short people - mostly directed at short men, by people who - if they made similar comments based on race, religion, national origin, sex, skin color, etc.  - would be immediately banned.  This is prima facie evidence of the almost total acceptance of prejudice based on height - specifically Short Stature.  There are literally thousands of these types of comments, many of them from people who profess to be so-called "Egalitarians".  Some are from business owners.  Some are even from Hollywood actors.  The hypocrisy is incredibly blatant and obvious.  It is quite apparent that more and more people are realizing that short people do nothing and say nothing about this type of hate, so the people who make these comments take full advantage of it.  Most of the "tweets" depicted are about short men.  

The 'Big' Two

Alfred Adler           Randy Newman                                            
These two men are probably responsible for more prejudice against  short people than any other two persons in history.  Adler is the "psychologist" who coined the phrase "Napoleon Complex" which the media (and everyone else) has used as a legitimate labeling device for short men.  No psychologist or scientist in history has so wantonly labeled an entire group of people without the tiniest bit of scientific or experimental evidence as Adler did in the case of short men.  Adler's label was apparently based on nothing more than his own personal bias.  Randy Newman, of course, is the singer/songwriter of the infamous song, "Short People", which Newman claimed was a satire about prejudice.  Picture Newman's song  about "prejudice" targeting people based on race, religion, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc. and you begin to understand just how long Newman's career would have lasted after writing such a song.  At this point in 2014, things are getting progressively worse for the short-statured as both the media and society in general seem to be on the prowl for a group that can be wantonly targeted, since so many other groups today based on the above traits have representation and political power.  They seemed to have found that target in short people, and particularly Short men.




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November 22, 2011





Here is a list of the current Implicit Association Tests listed on the Project Implicit website:

Gender-Career IAT 
Religion IAT 
Presidents IAT 
Age IAT 
Arab-Muslim IAT
Race IAT   
Asian IAT
Asian American
Gender-Science IAT
Weight IAT
Weapons IAT
Sexuality IAT
Disability IAT
Native IAT
Skin-tone IAT

The Height IAT was available on the website in 2008.  It’s appearance coincided almost exactly with the initial airing of the Documentary – ‘S&M:  Short and Male’.  After a few months it disappeared.  It has not returned as of August 2014; yet all during this time the IAT for ‘Weight’ has been there, even though weight is largely a personal choice.  Gender appears not just once, but twice – ‘Gender-Career’ and ‘Gender-Science’.  It would seem that ‘Race’ appears not just once, but twice – once as ‘Race’ and possibly also as ‘Skin tone’.  Some other IAT’s that have appeared all during this time would be ‘Presidents’, 'Native', 'Arab-Muslim' and 'Asian'.

More Heightism   

This video was so interesting and so instructive that we thought we'd put it on the home page instead of on the Video's page. It's entitled "Tall People". Notice that there are 3 Tallers, consisting of 2 guys and a girl. Notice that the Tallers get fully 2/3's of the time of the video. The short guy, (who's blatantly depicted in the tall folks' segment acting like a jerk) gets to state his case all alone with the infamous and degrading Randy Newman song "Short People" playing in the background and he gets only 1/3 of the time. Notice that the short guy is all alone, no friend and no pretty girl for him.  Notice also that whether it's tall or short talking, there's always something TALL in the background.  And who's participating in his own degradation by taking part in this video?  That's right - A SHORT GUY.  You'd be hard pressed to find 2 proud short men and 1 proud short woman making a video telling Tallers not to harass, discriminate, socially ostracize them, not to get paid more for doing the same work, not to violate their personal zone of space or assault them, and otherwise showing even the smallest semblance of righteous anger.  You'd be even more hard pressed finding a Taller to act like a jerk in some short persons' video for the sake of short people.  The brief clip ends with, "Thanks for a very short minute of your time" - The short people.

It's all in your mind little man. You should just - "Get Over it".

ABC US News | ABC Business News

April 5th 2012.  More sh*t going down for the short. This 22 year old man went into a store to purchase beer. He is one year over the legal minimum drinking age. He displayed his ID. The store employees obviously displayed disbelief at both him AND his driver's license.  He got angry and said some naughty words. Who TF wouldn't?   He was not only denied his right to be served, but was arrested as well. All it took to get the police on the scene to make the arrest was a few naughty words spoken by a short man.

Said one mentally underdeveloped poster:

If he were smart he would get this video off of abc news and carry it around with him. Maybe get it sent to his phone or something. Then when this happens in the future show it to the cashier. Is it a pain in the butt for the guy? Yeah, I’m sure it is, but its better than going to jail for doing something that’s not illegal.

Such is the twisted room temperature IQ logic and the indignities directed at, and tolerated by the short man.

(Incidentally, the webmaster posted a comment that was not displayed.  He then posted a SECOND comment; the second comment was not displayed either.  Now he has posted yet a THIRD COMMENT.  And that one is nowhere to be found at this time as well.)

Read the ABC News article here.



Woman Fired for Being Too Short and Looking Too Young




"When is 'National Hug a Short Person Day'?"  "They don't get one!  Hee hee hee hee hee"

It's all in your mind little man.  You should just - 'Get over it' . . .




No short man on earth is exempt from being labeled on the basis of his height, not even the President of the largest country in the World.  Vladimir Putin rides a 3-wheel Harley Davidson and that proves he's got "a problem" with his height according to this guy.  "He gets on his bike and he's playing like "Mr. Macho Harley" . . . "  according to this guy, even though this guy admits he rides a standard 2-wheel motorcycle himself.  Short men can't even ride a "trike" without annoying some tall guy that thinks his - and only his - ilk has a patent on anything that in any way shape or form conforms to any kind of masculine stereotype.   Short men are not allowed to do anything that can possibly threaten the ego of taller and/or larger men without being called on the carpet for it and wantonly labeled.


GREAT FIND: A short guy gets caked, laughed at and has his manhood (or at least his height) demeaned in front of the entire office! I used the info from this description provided in the flckr account from the original video to add content to the re-edit. I then found additional footage of this guy from company videos and folded it in.
"Richard/RICK: King of Sales - but also king of the SHORT MAN COMPLEX - overly aggressive, full of himself and totally conceited for someone who is only 5 ft 7 inches tall and often toxic. That's why we nicknamed him, "Little DICK!" We had a meeting that ended with a huge dessert spread provided to us by one of our clients. All day long Rick Addeo made fun of Gregg's weight saying he couldn't eat anything from the table. When Gregg went to partake in some cake, Rick thought he'd be clever and grab the cake from him. Gregg promptly creamed our little dick good!. The big issue was not smashing cake in Rick's face (long time coming), but that Gregg actually called Rick "Little Dick," right to his face (something that we NEVER do publicly). It got huge laughs - but exploded into a giant human resources issue by end of day! And our HR officer had trouble addressing it because she's called Rick, "LITTLE DICK" behind his back, too!

Put up on YouTube by a character who calls himself 'Jackson Bovo', who appears to like videos of short or scrawny men getting pies thrown in their faces.  In the videos on his YouTube channel most of the people throwing the pies are either women or Bigger men - bigger men than their targets of course.  But that's okay.  Just as long as they're not short men.  That would be evidence of "Short man Syndrome".

Heightism is subtle.  It's all "sub-conscious".


The description of this video at youtube is:  Muscle worship is a social behaviour, usually with a sexual aspect (a form of body worship), in which a participant, the worshiper, touches the muscles of another participant, the dominator . . .  This video has nothing to do with "muscle worship", instead it has all to do with a very short man allowing himself to be demeaned and emasculated by a girl young enough to be his daughter.  And make no mistake, they're not putting a gun to this man's head and making him do this.  He's willingly participating in his own humiliation.  This is the state of affairs right now for the short-statured.  The owner('s) of this youtube channel can't even spell the word 'Girl'.


You see short people, aren't you glad that you don't have "Tall People Problems"?

Melissa Rauch (4'11) Doesn't Like Short Guys

Short Man Bitch-Slapped in Hong Kong!!

Must be Hegemonic Masculinity.

Muhammad Ali didn't like a Taller man getting too close

Listen to Angelo Dundee at 1:33:  “ . . . my man’s no midget.  He’s SIX FOUR now, and he uses his height to full advantage.”  He’s 6’4” “now”???  What was Ali, still growing???  Ali was 6’2 ½” or 6’3”.  Just another example of how people make either themselves or their fighter taller than they really are.  At 1:58 Ali and Terrell meet with Howard Cosell standing by.  Between 1:58 and 2:58 you can hear Ali say to Terrell 5 times:  “Back off a me”!  Ali was known to get in the face of virtually everybody he fought in those days before the fight.  This was the only time we ever heard Muhammad Ali say to another fighter before a fight to “Back Off”.  Apparently Ali – like most other tall men – did not like a taller man to get too close to him.  And the reasoning is simple:  He did not like to look up to another man who was taller than he was.  He also did not want others to see Terrell’s height advantage up close.  Now remember that Ali was 6’2 ½” or 6’3”. 

And they accuse short men of a “Napoleon Complex”.


Ringo Starr (5'6") of The Beatles didn't react to the height of the very Tall men interviewing him.  Paul McCartney (5'11") did.  Said McCartney:  Be Tall!  Be Tall! - While standing on his tiptoes in an apparent attempt to match the height of 'Cousin' Brucie.  This is a typical reaction of tall or semi-tall men when meeting very tall men.  I'm sorry, what did you say, I did not hear you?  "But that was 50 years ago!!!"  Really?  And what has changed in the interim


From 'Happier Abroad'
by Winston Wu

The danger in dating a taller woman is that she may be ok with it at first, but often later on she will regret it and realize that she would be happier with a taller man. That has happened to me before.

Read more . . .


Scam Artist Matt Campisi


THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF SHORT STATURED ADULTS - the organization that a then Long Island New York native named Matthew Salvatore Campisi age 36 (DOB 10/11/77) was forced to start on November 14, 2006 after my complaints to state agencies about the website - being fraudulently represented by the same Matthew Campisi as the website of a legitimate incorporated non-profit.  Campisi fraudulently represented the website from September 2005 to November 13, 2006.  In that time Campisi was ingathering money in membership fees and donations under the false representation.  Campisi responded to one of the state agencies that I complained to (The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services) with a multi-page statement containing multiple false statements about me in an apparent attempt to implicate me in his own actions.  Campisi has since been all over the country fleeing from one location to another, and even giving hardcore Pornsite interviews.  Could Campisi be a hardcore Porn performer too?  (Please see the 'NOSSA FILES')

On Friday, May 17, 2013 the famous NOSSA blog (which is still on the Internet)  posted this:

NOSSA Closes It's Doors
NOSSA - National Organization Of Short Statured Adults, Inc. is no longer in operation . . .  We wish everyone who has supported us through the years only the best. Thank you! 

However as of July 20, 2014, The New York State Secretary of State's Office has, The National Organization of Short Statured Adults, Inc. listed as 'ACTIVE'.  The Wikipedia entry for National Organization of Short Statured Adults, also FALSELY has NOSSA listed as an 'Unincorporated Association'.  We suspect that most of the information on the Wikepedia entry for National Organization of Short Statured Adults was placed there by the same two-bit petty con artist named Matthew Salvatore Campisi originally from Babylon New York.

 Below are two posts from the same individual taken from 'Sociological Images'
dated October 2011 --

Being a 5'1" male, I've seen the massive impact of heightism from a very personal level.  I've lost jobs, loans, friendships, and relationships because of my height.  When people look at/encounter me, very little goes through their mind other that reflection on my height.  Every semester there are at least 3-4 students that approach me on the first day of class and ask exactly how tall I am.  There is no aspect of my life that has not been affected by heightism.  I have no problem being shorter, but most other people tend to have a huge problem with my height.  I've even had people, on many occassions, threaten to kill me because they feel so uncomfortable with my height.  My partner and i are planning to start a family and i hope that the child will be female, simply because I truly believe that it is so much easier for a female to be shorter in this society then for a male to be shorter.  I don't want a potential son of mine to have to endure the daily harassment/judgement/ridicule that I have gone through my entire life.  More awareness needs to be made about heightism and its effect on both males and females.

Many people have found it so incredibly offensive that a short man has a successful career, a beautiful partner, etc. that they hurl threats.  At least that is what I have tried to rationalize their behavior as....   It's just as present now in my 30's as it was in high school.  Random people that I pass on the sidewalk give me a nasty look and cuss; "short piece of sh1t", "little f*cker", etc.  If I ever say back, "what's your problem?" their usual response is something aggressive, death threats, etc.  I had a boss once that wasn't pleased with my sales numbers (several careers and years ago).  They were fine/okay numbers but nothing stellar.  He said flat out that if I didn't turn my act around he would beat me senseless behind the building.  He was a big man, physically, but a real jerk.  I just up and left the place and was lucky to find an adjunct position.  From what I understand, there are few protections, legally, for short people.  I think Michigan has a law that it is illegal to discrimnate based on height.  I can't remember though.  Probably the worst part of all this is no one understands.  I've tried to tell friends about the b.s. that goes on, but their response ranges from "get over it shorty" to "just don't let it bother you".  I'm not saying the stuff that happens to me is any worse then say, stuff that happens to other subjigated peoples, but it does suck.  Little People at least have groups and organizations to assist in getting them through.  Women have organizations to at least try to combat the many inequalities out there.  The same is true for many minority groups.  I don't know of a group for men that are around 5' in height.  There just doesn't seem to be any where to turn to or anyone that even tries to understand.  My partner tries to understand, but can't really.  Every day, every action is judged.  Every passerby, every colleague, every student, every instance and every interaction with anyone is based not upon who I am as a person, but moresoe how many inches I stack up to.

Innocuous isn't it?

(The writer of these two posts should have had the highest rated comments but didn't.   The two most highly rated comments about an article written by Geoffrey Arnold of 'The Social Complex' were written by someone (most likely a rabid feminist) railing about male patriarchy and racism, and one by a Tall woman "defending her turf".  It appears that when men begin to bring up issues about ANY kind of discrimination that they may face, the feminists come out 'in force' to play the 'Oppression Olympics'.)

The Superiority Complex of the BIG MAN:

Hey Joe, this is Jeffery Stillwell.  You did manage to be a little more friendly on the phone than you were (garbled), Uh, you got that keyboard warrior thing going on with you I take it, but anyhow, uh, I don’t see any reason why I want to talk to you, but you seem to have a feeling that you want to talk to me, and put me in my place somehow, so I’m willing to let you have that.  If it does something for you, makes you feel better about yourself, I’m mostly here, but I don’t answer my calls if it comes from a private number and I don’t really take calls that I’m not expecting, so, uh, you might want to, uh, touch back with me in a couple of days and after our holiday is over, you can make some suggestions about when is the best time available for you.  But, uh, really, I’m not going to go too far out of my way to, uh, make this something that uh, takes, gets you, uh, a little satisfaction in your life, so, uh, if this works out, fine, if not uh, take care, and I hope you get the help you need.

We invited this man who stands SIX FEET SIX INCHES (according to him) to take part in an interview on this website.  This was the message he left.  (Click here)  This poster has posted under at least two aliases at  -

67stillwell’ and ‘PushcartPops

This man identified himself as ‘Jeffery Stillwell’ allegedly from California.   He’s posted hostile comments in reply to the legitimate efforts of the webmaster, so we asked him if he was willing to be interviewed.  What we got was more of the same exaggerated sense of Ultimate Superiority typical of many people of his ilk.  His posts consisted of wanton attacks, attempts at labeling, fabricating false facts, and just run-of-the-mill name-calling to put the webmaster in his place.  Jeffery Stillwell could not do it.   Recently Mr. Jeffery Stillwell has questioned the legitimacy of the webmaster’s recent interview with a well-known rock musician who chose to remain anonymous.  We think it’s pretty sad that a SIX FOOT SIX INCH 285 pound, nearly 50 year old man, has nothing better to with his time than act - more or less – as an impromptu Internet troll and to disparage the meaningful efforts this website is making to expose heightism against Short people.  To think that a man that size and age could engage in the Internet tomfoolery that appears to be the case here is absolutely incredible on its face, and literally speaks to the incredible times that we live in.  (All one has to do is visit the reddit message boards that Jeffery Stillwell seemingly calls home, and read some of his posts.)  To think that this man apparently views the webmaster as such a threat to the ‘Privilege’ he enjoys in society on the basis of his stature may actually be a compliment of sorts – the sick kind of sorts, that is.  And that’s what we believe may be the case here.   However, be that as it may, our offer to Mr. Jeffery Stillwell still stands.  We still offer him an opportunity to be interviewed on this website.  He previously backed-down rather insidiously by exhibiting what can only be described as an all-encompassing sense of superiority.   If he does at last find the courage to be interviewed he may still contact us at:

Be advised:  Folks like this sometimes have a tendency to do a disappearing act along with all of their posts. 

Jealousy, Prejudice, and Short People   
Written by Chris Cotter

Short people tend to be more prone to feelings of inferiority and jealousy, a recent study concluded.
The article says the prejudice isn't deliberate though
.  People just do it naturally.  Seems they just can't help themselves.

Don’t Want Me to Recline My Airline Seat? You Can Pay Me  (NEW)

AUG. 27, 2014

I fly a lot. When I fly, I recline. I don’t feel guilty about it. And I’m going to keep doing it, unless you pay me to stop.

I bring this up because of a dispute you may have heard about: On Sunday, a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver made an unscheduled stop in Chicago to discharge two passengers who had a dispute over seat reclining. According to The Associated Press, a man in a middle seat installed the Knee Defender, a $21.95 device that keeps a seat upright, on the seatback in front of him.

A flight attendant asked him to remove the device. He refused.

Read more . . .

There is actually a product called 'Knee Defender' that allows Tall people to attach it to the airline seat in front of them effectively preventing the passenger from reclining his seat, and in effect violating the rights of that passenger.  There is no other device sold on the market that allows an airline passenger to effectively interfere with a commercial airliners seats or equipment.  This is incredible on its face and points to something far deeper, and that is the sense of entitlement of those of 'high altitude' and the almost complete lack of concern on the part of most of the airline industry that a passenger can interfere with the equipment on a commercial airliner and not be held to account for it.  With all the talk of terrorism and the screening of airline passengers luggage, one would think that those wonderful and very intelligent TSA workers would spot the "Knee Defender" and simply ask what it is.  Such is the attitude toward those of "high altitude".  

It's all in your mind little man; you should just:  "Get over it".

6'3" Inventor defends 'Knee Defender'

Tallers circle the wagons whenever their comfort is under threat.  No one tells them to "Get over it", though.

Life as a short man: The psychology of height  (NEW)


Dai Henwood - a little man who likes to be abused.

A short man walks into a bar. A tall guys sees him, picks him up and wears him like a hat. It's no bad joke, just a pretty normal day in the life of diminutive comedian Dai Henwood.


His thick skin and ability to laugh at himself help him through the multitude of "short gags" landed on him. Henwood is a veritable punching bag for the little-man jokes.
It's a constant barrage when he's out at the pub, he says.
"People surround me in a bar and scream and laugh and publicly mock me for being short. When I'm with my wife and family, it's quite disconcerting.
"In Blenheim, a guy picked me up and tried to wear me like a hat in a bar. Last year I was walking across the Octagon in Dunedin and this guy ran out of nowhere, grabbed me and threw me in the air.
"People just yell ‘hobbit, hobbit, hobbit' at me and point. They think they're being hilarious. Because I'm a comedian, I have quite a thick skin . . . but I feel very sorry for introverts or people who don't want attention drawn to themselves."

Read more patheticness . . .

Brent Jowers says:
What a cowardly piece of trash! He gets mocked and ridiculed in front of his family, he gets physically picked up and used as a prop, and then he defends the idiots who do this.

"Henwood says he doesn't think people do these things with deep malice or with the aim to hurt."

He also points-out some of the double standards and acknowledges that this stuff is a problem, but still self-deprecates, which does nothing more than to encourage the continuation of such second-class treatment.

And there we have another misuse of the freaking "Short men are prone to feelings of mistrust study" that used all women for participants.

And of course, the author praises him for his "His thick skin and ability to laugh at himself." It takes no thick skin to just shut-up and take the treatment the tallers heap onto us. It takes a thick-skin to battle against heightism. Of course though, this author is giving this Garmin a cookie for doing what he's supposed to do.

Look at the wording of this crap

"Tall people may have greater self-esteem and social confidence than shorter people. In turn, others may view tall people as more leader-like and authoritative"
That's totally bass acwkwards. The reality, is that people view tallers as leader-like on sight alone, which is why they appear as confident. The way SHE writes it, she's basically proving that she believes in the Tall Man Aura myth.

And of course, she uses a great deal of the article to speak for the poor marginalized tall men for having to deal with comments such as "'re tall." The poor dears. Then, the poor marginalized taller says "Conversations tend to happen at chest height and you feel you can zone out a bit"....This fool is literally saying that he zones out and doesn't listen to people shorter than him, and he actually has the unmitigated gall to act like this is somehow discriminatory against him. This defies belief.

We have a long way to go.

We Certainly have.


Boris Johnson

Did Winston Churchill have 'short-man syndrome'? New book by Boris Johnson claims wartime leader was driven by desire to fight back at bigger bullies

  •     Boris Johnson says Churchill may have suffered from short-man syndrome
  •     The Mayor of London makes the claim in his new book on the wartime leader
  •     Suggests that Churchill was driven by a desire to fight back at bigger bullies
  •     Says that the former prime minister was probably picked on at school
  •     Churchill stood at just five feet six inches tall, two inches smaller than Hitler
By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline

Published: 03:40 EST, 11 October 2014 | Updated: 14:26 EST, 11 October 2014

The Mayor of London says that with the wartime prime minister standing at just five feet six inches tall, there is evidence to suggest he was driven to succeed to prove a point to bigger bullies at school, who teased him for his height.

So-called 'short man syndrome' has been described by scientists where short men overcompensate for their lack of height through acts of aggression.


First it was Napoleon, then it was Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.  Now it's Churchill.  Do you think something's going on here?  The only world leader of the World War II period that hasn't been accused of "Short Man Syndrome" yet is Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Oh that's right I forgot!  He was 6'2".  No Short Man
Syndrome there!!!

Broadcast of October 9, 2014
Part I; Part II

Joe interviews Anita Sulser who has the blog - and is the author of 'Heightism - An Observer's Tale'.  Ms. Sulser corroborates much of what has been said by the webmaster along with many Internet posters who discuss personal experiences.  Cohort Brent then picks up the pace to add his incredibly accurate analysis of the entire heightism phenomenon.  A must listen-to!!!


Dillon Geysalaers is the short man in the commercials below.
heightism,,credit rating,short

Shrek the Musical: review, Bristol Hippodrome - a joyous riot that doesn't disappoint    (NEW)

By Bede_MacGowan  |  Posted: August 21, 2014

Well I’ve seen the films and enjoyed the Rooney jokes, so why shouldn’t Shrek become my first taste of a live stage musical?


And though I doubt all musicals are as fun and entertaining as this one, I certainly won’t be quite so quick to say no in the future.

Shrek the Musical was a joyous riot from start to finish.

From the moment the audience of all ages filtered in, they were up for a great night and from the fevered clapping at the end – despite it being well past bedtime for some – there seemed few if any who left disappointed.


f I had to single out one character for comedy value it would have to be the vertically-challenged Lord Farquaad – a character suffering from short-man syndrome if ever they were one. Played superbly by Carey waddling about on his knees, he had the audience in stitches with every appearance.


The strangely loveable Shrek had a big voice fit for an ogre’s proportions – not to mention farts to match too.


Both my kids loved Shrek the Musical and you never know, I might even be there again for the next musical to hit town.


Both my kids loved Shrek the Musical and you never know, I might even be there again for the next musical to hit town.

Read the entire article . . .

An ugly overweight ogre who farts all the time is the "Hero".  A short man is the villain and is just there for "comedy value".  He not only was "a character suffering from short-man syndrome* if ever there was one", but he also "had the audience in stitches with every appearance".  Also, Shrek is the one that "Farts" but the short-statured Lord is the one named "Farq"uaad.

Get your heads out of the sand short men.
*Short-man syndrome is a colloquial term that means roughly the equivalent of the bogus "Napoleon Complex" coined by so-called "psychologist" Alfred Adler.


The name of this clown is Dillon Geyselaers.  He is located in New York City.  We have found his website at  Geyselaers' website claims that he is an actor.  From the looks of his website he appears to play roles that are stereotypical roles for short men like the buffoon and idiot that he plays in the commercials, buffoon-like characters, gnomes, "wolf-boy" and other folks that are depicted as negative-type characters.  It is people like him that do an injustice to other short-statured people by continuing these negative stereotypes and making money off of it.  The hockey mask that he wears in the commercials aids in concealing his face so that he doesn't get typecast.  He probably got the idea himself and asked  the makers of the commercials if he could implement it as both a way to conceal his face and at the same time make the character he plays appear even more ridiculous.  Unfortunately these characterizations that Geyselaers does, typecasts short-statured people as a group - but we assume that 'Wolf-Boy' doesn't care just as long as he can profit from it and conceal his face at the same time.
  You can contact this character and tell him what you think of him at -


It's incredible that a company can use garbage like this to promote a product.  The way Mr. '583' gets depicted in this commercial is exactly the way short men are viewed and treated in the real world, namely as objects of wanton scorn, ridicule, harassment, bullying, and unworthy of the tiniest bit of human dignity.  The short guy here represents a 'low' credit score and he is not only being accused by an alleged aggrieved party, but the other men in the line-up (All significantly taller and heavier) view him as a "Target" for physical abuse.  The others don't even want him depicted with them.  Not only is he depicted with two "Good Guys" (the guys with the higher credit scores) but they even have a couple of what appears to be real bad guys there as well.  Notice the Hockey Mask ala 'Jason' in the 'Friday the 13th' movies, except here I don't that the hockey mask represents a crazed serial killer.  Here the hockey mask represents just a stupid short man who wants to hide his face for fear of being recognized.  It also conveys an image of childishness, almost like a little boy pretending he's an adult hockey player.  The idiot short guy even gets on his tip-toes in a vain attempt to be taller.  Notice the woman with the Men's suspenders on playing the 'detective'.  She's taller than the two men on either side of her.  Near the end the poor little guy gets tossed off the stage by one of the big guys almost as if to say, Get The F**K out of here you little shrimp!!!  This commercial is an excellent representation of the arbitrary indignities that short-statured men are subjected to in the real world and the way many short guys behave, that is, like buffoons for the amusement of Tallers.  If you are a short man and you DON'T find this commercial OFFENSIVE, then YOU deserve the same treatment Mr. '583' gets in this commercial.  All you need to do is imagine this same commercial with a member of any other recognized group in the place of the short guy, based on race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, etc., and the depiction the same based on the above.  What do think would happen?  The thing is, I think you already know what would happen.  By the way, the scene at the end is supposed to signify what short men are good for.  Even the two criminals are depicted more positively than the short guy.  The bigotry against short stature is so acceptable that even depicts these images on their home page.     ,short

No short men please: Caroline Wozniacki ready to date after spilt from Rory McIlroy

 By Maureen Coleman – 12 September 2014
Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has broken her silence over her split with ex-fiance Rory McIlroy, saying she was "shocked" he ended their engagement during a 10-minute telephone call.

The Dane (24), who was in a relationship with McIlroy for three years, said the break-up was "very hard" on her because it was played out in public.

And in a dig at McIlroy's height, 5ft 10in Wozniacki, who is two inches taller than her ex, said that next time she dated, she would choose a taller man.


Does this look like 2 inches difference to you???

However, in an interview with Yahoo! News, Wozniacki said she was disappointed he had not told her face-to-face.

"It was very hard because he made it public from the start," she added. "He put out a press release so I didn't have a choice, you know? It just got put in my face.


Wozniacki, who this week clinched second place in the US Open, also showed her scars were still raw by joking about McIlroy's height. When asked what she wanted in a man, she replied: "I would like a taller guy so I can wear heels."

It is not the first time she has made a cheeky comment about wearing high heels. In July, she tweeted a picture and herself and a friend in high heels with the caption: "Out and about in Istanbul. It's been three years since I have worn high heels on a normal day out."

Read more . . .

It's been three years since she has "worn high heels on a normal day out" she "cheekily" commented.  Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki began dating in 2011.  Do you blame him for not telling her face-to-face?  Why does it seem that the first thing these women do, when they don't like a short man or something that he does, is attack his height?  And why do most or all of these media outlets seem to depict the woman's comments in an attempt to portray her as wronged in some way?

Listen to this:  The article above claims that Wozniacki is "2 inches taller" than McIlroy.  Wikipedia has Mcllroy listed as 5'9".  The same Wikipedia has Wozniacki listed as 5'10".  Take a look at the photo above.  If she's not wearing heels, then SOMEBODY IS LYING BIGTIME!!!! 

Time to wake up short man.


How To Become A Sperm Donor
Do You Have What It Takes to be a CCB Sperm Donor?

Being a CCB sperm donor means being the best. Our screening process and strict standards are designed to assure our donors set the industry standards for personal health, family medical history, education, and physical characteristics, as well as offering the highest chances for artificial insemination in the future.

If you think you might be up to the challenge and are ready to make a real difference in the lives of families all over the world, apply now.

Basic Requirements for CCB Donors
  •     Must be at least 5'9" or taller       

Read more . . .

Height is the FIRST trait screened for by 'California Cryobank'.  Sperm banks are private businesses.  They are money making operations.  Their clients are women.  These women set the standards for the sperm banks.  How would you like to be a sperm donor?  How would you like to never know who your children are?  How would you like your biological children to never know who their father is?  Watch the video.  The idiot doing the interview makes the whole thing appear Cool.

From wikiHow:  How to Beat a Taller and Bigger Opponent in a Street Fight  (NEW)

Yeah right!

Be very careful in reading this.  Some points we agree with and some we don't agree with.  The legal aspects of defending yourself are not covered in this at all.  In many cases the word of the short man is doubted by authority figures who view the short man's word as less credible than the larger or older-appearing man.  This can weigh against you in a Court of Law.  The size difference in the depictions in this article cannot be overcome by a smaller man in the vast majority of instances.  The smaller guy depicted here appears to be almost a foot shorter and probably at least 90 lbs. lighter than his much larger foe, along with the smaller man having very little muscle mass.  If the size difference depicted here actually occurred in a real life physical confrontation, the smaller man would stand virtually zero chance in a one-on-one physical battle with the much larger aggressor, and make no mistake, it is almost ALWAYS the bigger man who is the aggressor, despite all the Bullshit that we hear about the fictitious NAPOLEON COMPLEX.  We will be discussing this aspect of Self-defense for the short man in the future heightism,short men, big men,self-defense

Father-of-one who was signed up to star in Birmingham version of TOWIE hanged himself over worries that he was too short - even though he was 5ft 7in

  •     Personal trainer Jonathan McNally hanged himself in a friend's garden
  •     He had only auditioned for the show - called The Project - weeks before
  •     Mr McNally suffered from depression linked to childhood issues over height
  •     His family have blamed lack of help from mental heath services for his suicide

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline

Published: 04:49 EST, 11 September 2014 | Updated: 09:31 EST, 11 September 2014

A father-of-one who was due to star in a new reality TV show set in Birmingham killed himself because he feared he was too short, an inquest has heard.

Jonathan McNally, 27, a personal trainer, was due to appear in a Birmingham version of The Only Way Is Essex called The Project after auditioning for the show in May.

However, just a few weeks later he hanged himself in a friend's back garden after a battle with depression sparked by issues over his height - despite the fact that he was 5ft 7in.


I don't understand it!  He lifted weights and had "Cahn-fi-densse"!!  Why just look at those tatoos and that weight-lifter's shirt!!!

I wonder what Jon Holmes has to say?   
heightism,short men,suicide,height


September 6, 2014

 - from a 21 year old man talking about getting carded at bars and other places.  The attitude of acquiescence on the part of some of these short men is nothing less than amazing.  For example, this guy stated,

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