Broadcast of September 8, 2016 - Interview with Scott Griffiths.

Joe interviews Scott Griffiths ( a 'Researcher at the University of Sydney investigating male eating disorders, muscle dysmorphia, steroid use, and stigmatisation.'

  • Broadcast of December 29, 2016 Interview with 'Jim'39:25

Broadcast of April 14, 2016 - Injustice in Georgia

Joe interviews Jose Sanders, a man arrested at a convenience store in 2012 in Georgia attempting to buy beer while being short.  It seems that a rookie stud, in an attempt to get himself a bust, arrested Jose "because I can".  Jose displayed his ID when asked by the convenience store clerk, yet the clerk and the manager contacted the Police claiming that an "underage" youth was attempting to buy beer.  After the police arrived and checked Jose's ID out and found it to be legitimate, the rookie stud decided to arrest Jose on what appears to be a fabricated charge of "Disorderly Conduct".  Jose was forced to spend 3 days in the county jail, before a judge dismissed the case.  Jose was not represented by legal counsel at the hearing.

Broadcast of December 29, 2016 - Injustice in Pittsburgh

Joe interviews a man named "Jim" who discusses some of the situations that have confronted him, including one misidentification by police which resulted in him being falsely arrested and imprisoned.  Please view Jim's Youtube channel - here.

  • September 8 2016 broadcast Interview with Scott Griffiths Part II16:33

  • September 8 2016 broadcast Interview with Scott Griffiths Part I25:55

  • Broadcast of April 14, 201632:20