July 14, 2019 Interview on The Obsidian Media Network

  • Broadcast of February 19 2019 part 1.mp321:22

  • Broadcast of February 10 2019.mp329:28

Broadcast of December 8, 2019

This broadcast covers Chris Morgan and the so-called 'Bagel Boss incident of July 10, 2019.

  • Broadcast of February 19 2019 part 2.mp311:59

  • Broadcast of December 8 2019.mp321:14

  • Interview on Obsidian Media Network July 14 2019.mp317:37

Broadcast of February 10, 2019
In this broadcast the webmaster finishes his exposé of 'heightboard.com' and exposes the tremendous hatred of short men by girls and young women on Twitter.

Broadcast of February 19, 2019

This two-part broadcast is a continuation of The broadcast of February 10 2019 where the webmaster continues with the greatest demonstration of hatred on the Internet, ALL directed at short men.