The Cucks, Cowards, Kids and Deluded Old Men of
By SupportForTheShort

March 3, 2019 is the largest forum in the World of people posting comments about hundreds of different subjects.  Like many forums or message boards each sub-reddit has moderators that control the content of what is placed on that sub-reddit.  Most of the moderators will not tolerate any kind of counter-opinion to what the particular agenda is of the mods and how the mods perceive what they're expected to do within the confines of PC (Political Correctness) under the heel of reddit itself.  Reddit bans sub-reddits that THEY don't like, for example r/incels was taken down.  Reddit also quarantines sub-reddits that are on their borderline, like r/braincels for example.  Reddit will give you a choice to click on 'continue' and then make you click several times before the actual sub-reddit appears, if you're not logged in. And they will make you do it again and again as you click on different threads.  It is quite obvious that they don't want people to see certain things and will make it difficult for them if they do want to see these things.  Then there's something called 'Karma', which is their label for you.  A high 'Karma' level means your posts have gotten a good number of upvotes.  There are people on this forum who live for their upvotes.  Their whole persona revolves around it, and many people spend a good deal of their time on reddit - mostly accomplishing little or nothing.  Many are addicted to it, and that number is growing.

The greeting on sub-reddit r/short is:

"Welcome to
/r/short, where everyone is fun sized!"

This line is very revealing about the attitude of the moderators toward short-stature and the difficulties associated with others' attitudes toward the short.  This line is basically a feminized way of telling you to be deluded and to prance around like a clown, for everyone's amusement, not taking anything seriously, like the wanton, malicious, systemic discrimination that you face on a daily basis, which is what society expects you to do, and what reddit wants you to do being one of the Internet arms of PC that it is.  Most of the posters on this sub-reddit are under the age of 25 with many being teenagers who are still wet behind the ears, and comprise the new generation of dumbed-down under 100 IQ people, who can't understand that discrimination based on height is no different from any other prejudice and should be confronted in the same way other groups do and have done.

The average r/short poster seems to be about 18 or 19 years old and knows very little about what height-bigotry is all about.  The threads seem to be written mostly by young guys talking about having "confidence", lifting weights, taking martial arts, buying nice cars and nice clothes, showing off their buff body, using some short guy who "made it" like Kevin Hart (who is one of the stupidest and most deluded individuals we've yet seen) as a role model, posting about some short-statured MMA fighter beating a bigger man, and overall deluding themselves about any and all things connected to society and the 2nd Class treatment that they receive from society.  Some of these kids will use themselves as a role model of sorts by depicting themselves with a girl or girlfriend and attempting to portray an image of success.  One deluded young cuck depicted a photo of himself dancing with a girl that he claimed was his girlfriend who was several inches taller than he was and “guess where my face is when we dance . . .” 

We don’t see the situation on r/short improving any time soon, especially with moderators like
Bikerbats – a 5’1” man who refers to himself as some type of panty-remover at at least the age of 55, and who also calls himself “Torbjörn Incarnate” which means something like “Thunder Incarnate”, (and who has since removed his famous photo from reddit after he visited the heightismhub and saw that some of us could see through his facade) and a poster who calls himself “Mike5f4”  who, at the tender age of 60, has been portraying himself as some sort of mentor for young kids, who hasn’t gotten out of the adolescent stage himself it would appear.  And also the legendary ‘Geoffrey Arnold’ who has claimed and claims that he is a Black lawyer, who has been on the Internet in various forums talking about heightism for the last 18 years and who wrote an essay way back in 2001 for the now antiquated ‘’, who simply cannot rise above this fated sub-reddit, and who will apparently spend the rest of his natural life there.

As far as we can see is a dead-end.  It will stay a dead-end.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from it.  What we can learn is that virtually none of the people who post there will ever “graduate” from it; they will simply disappear and go on to other things, or they will think that heightism is a problem that they will never solve and just be resigned to their fate.  Others will just continue to delude themselves and deny the reality of the situation and will live the rest of their lives that way.  Some will just approach the situation in an individualistic way and be satisfied with that.  Others will lash out on an individual basis in their own personal lives, others will be the typical “little tough guy” - also an individualistic strategy for survival in a World hostile to short people and short men in particular.  Others – like the idiot who calls himself “Mike5f4” will criticize people and websites like this one, out of pure jealousy, and others will identify with the Tallers and act like “
Garmins”.   We will depict different threads on a regular basis here at SupportForTheShort and identify the ones we think are good and the ones we think aren’t.  Of course most of them AREN’T good so most of what we depict will be a lesson in what NOT to do.  And if some of you who read this do post something there along the lines of our attitude here at SupportForTheShort, you will see that it will not garner much attention.  The more serious your post or thread, the fewer comments there will be.  This will be the case because the vast majority of people do not want to approach this matter seriously;  they want to bask in the sunshine of delusion and denial, and “Oh golly gee, let’s just all be positive, and think of wonderful things, shall we”?!

Bigotry based on height (almost always directed downward) is getting worse it would appear.  The short-statured cucks of reddit are getting more and more subservient all the time.  They’re getting more and more deluded and in denial.  We, however, are not deluded with respect to this issue.  We think that it must get worse, if it has any chance of getting better, so we’re not going to ask ourselves things like, “Why oh why must this happen to us?!”  We’re just going to see where this goes.  You, the reader of this have a head start in that you’re reading this.  Whether or not any resistance against heightism grows is up to the reader.   But we will display some of the nonsense emanating out of that fated sub, and hope that the reader will learn something from it.


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