AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou laughs on television when told of an incident in which a dwarf performer was allegedly set on fire by a St Kilda player at "Mad Monday" celebrations.

A fraud.

Chinese paying a heavy price for leg-lengthening..

You see!  It's all in how much Cahnfihdense you have, that's what COUUUUNTSSSS!!!

Heightist Hillary

What it really should say is, 'Big guy picks the wrong short guy'. The segment speaks for itself, but this segment depicts a Tall kid/guy going up to a short guy shaking his hand in friendship, and then, wantonly and completely out of the blue slaping the short guy in the face with a piece of pizza. For someone to do this, he MUST expect no response on the part of the victim; he must be close to 100% confident that he's going to get away with it. What the Tall Kid/guy didn't expect was the just as wanton and out of the blue straight left to his face by the short guy. One can argue that such a response was uncalled for as the Big guy did no violence to the short man. But this is the kind of incident that short people are very often the victim of, due to the fact that the Taller usually has a "You can't beat them up" attitude. This incident is about more than just getting a little tomato sauce on ones face. This is just a small example of the wanton and free abuse of those who are perceived to be incapable of fighting back. In this case, unfortunately, for the tall guy, the short guy DID something to defend his dignity. He, like the Taller, waited until he had the advantage, that is, waited until his tormentor was seated and couldn't fight back effectively and then punched him in the face.   Of course, this was an aberration. In the vast majority of incidents like this the short or small man just walks away with his tail between his legs, while everyone laughs at his expense. Of course, this is only one example of the many indignities, assaults, and wanton attempts at humiliation of the short man. The tall guy may have gotten what he deserved. But what about the other 99.99% of the time when the short man just tolerates his fate?

Dating websites mock short men.

'Making fun of a guys height is funny, but making fun of dark skin girls or fat girls is racist?'

Melissa Rauch doesn't like short men very much.

Webmaster interviewed on the Obsidian Radio Network.

Tall woman "comedienne" Frances DiLorinzo bashes short men.

Hey deluded short men!!! - don't believe heightism exists?  The title for the video above is:  Tall People Are More Prpductive than Short People.  Just watch video and then ask yourself, what would happen if any other group were depicted with similar images this way.  Acutually every single demeaning image is of a short man - NOT a short woman.  don't you wonder why the title says 'Tall People are more productive than short people', but the video only seems to demean short men and not short women?